Bow River Fly Fishing Guide, Bow River Hookers, will take you fly fishing on the Bow River for trophy Brown trout. Bow River fly fishing guide and outfitter, Bow River Hookers, provides Bow River fly fishing experiences second to none. Bow River Fly Fishing Guide, Bow River Hookers, will take you fly fishing on the Bow River for trophy Brown trout.
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Environment Canada Calgary weather, an important consideration if planning a day of Bow River fly fishing.
Calgary weather is important consideration on a day of Bow River fly fishing.
Bow River Hookers, the premier Bow River Fly Fishing Guide and Outfitter in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Our specialty is fly fishing the Bow River around Calgary, Alberta.
4135 Doverview Dr. S.E.
Calgary Alberta
Canada T2B 1Z1
Local: 403-874-8522
Toll Free: 1-866-974-8522
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Hyde Drift Boats - Bow River Hookers drift boat of choice for fly fishing the Bow River.
Our specialty as Bow River fly fishing guides is to get first-time fly fishers into fish. What We Are About
Quality Service and Satisfaction

Bow River Hookers is a fly fishing guide and outfitter focusing on providing quality and unique fishing experiences to the fly fishing enthusiast. Quality service comes in the form of knowledgeable and energetic guides, quality equipment, the mid-day meal, the 16' Hyde Drift boats and pre-trip preparation. Satisfaction is derived from an enjoyable day of fishing, the Bow River and the fly fishing success our clients experience.

The two principal guides, Tom and Bill Windsor know the lower Bow River intimately. They know the trout's lie and the foods the trout feed on. While the Bow has its way of humbling 'experts', Bow River Hookers are known as "the Boats with the Bent Rods". Tom and Bill have the know-how and expertise to coach you into many 'hookups'.

Bow River Hookers ... the boats with the bent rods, Bow River fly fishing guide and outfitter. When you book a Bow River fly fishing trip with Bow River Hookers, you will be guided by either Tom or Bill. If you book a multi-boat trip, Tom will employ other high quality, experienced, capable guides to assist with guiding (when required) but either Tom or Bill or both will be organizing and leading your Bow River fly fishing excursion. Unlike other fishing guide enterprises, Bow River Hookers will not put you on the river with just any ol' guide. Bow River Hookers will only put your party on the water if either Tom or Bill is available to guide the trip. When you book a Bow River fly fishing trip with Bow River Hookers, you know who will be guiding your trip.

A typical one day float takes from 8 to 12 hours, involves crisscrossing the river to trout holding areas and walk and wade fishing as requested or appropriate. Stripping streamers, floating with strike indicators, using hopper-dropper sets and stalking with the appropriate 'dry' are part and parcel of a Bow River Hookers' fly fishing experience.

The 16' Hyde Drift boats are roomy. The extra distance separating the fishers reduces the possibility of fly line tangles. U-shaped yolks provide stability to standing casters perched on elevated platforms above the guide. The low-profile boats have ample room for fishing gear, bail-pails, life jackets, gourmet meals, snacks and personal carry-ons.

A guest Pre-Trip questionnaire allows Bow River Hookers to customize tackle, waders and boot size, food and beverage preferences. The questionnaire is designed to give Tom and Bill a preliminary acquaintance allowing for personalizing each trip.

We are unique. Day trips with Bow River Hookers feature hot meals served on 8 foot wooden picnic tables, each strategically placed for mid-float revitalization and relaxation. Pork chops, red-hot (or mild) Chili, Smothered Steak, Beef on a Bun and stew are typical menu items. Salad and condiments compliment the main course. Non-alcoholic beverages and snacks are available throughout the day.

Bow River Hookers operates independent of fly-shops and accommodation facilities. Its purpose is to take clients fishing, to give clients opportunity to catch hard-fighting Rainbow and Brown trout, to experience congeniality and to end the day fatigued but smiling.

Brown Trout battle deep and hard for fishers fly fishing the Bow River with Bow River Hookers. Bow River fly fishing produces Brown Trout in a variety of sizes and colouring. Quality Rainbow Trout are expected when fly fishing the Bow river with Bow River Hookers. Fly fishing the Bow River in and below Calgary can produce some tremendous Rainbows. Bow River Rainbows are thick, strong and pretty, a treat for the fly fishing enthusiast.
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